2012 ~ New Year Greetings

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Unedited transcript

Hello, Tashi Delek.

Happy New Year for 2012. And I hope this new year brings you happiness and wisdom
I wish that there’s no obstacle in your life and you develop your practice, your meditation experience, your love, your compassion, your inner peace. Everything develops. And as I am saying this right now I am in retreat and I hope you all remember your own practice. And those people who are following my teaching and my meditation instruction, you don’t have to feel that I am with you all the time. The most important is: the teaching is important. The Buddha said: the first teacher is the physical teacher, the second teacher is the teaching. The teaching is your teacher. This is why practice. The most important teaching is practice. So don’t forget your homework, don’t forget your practice. And the most important thing is to apply in daily life. When you are facing problems, when you are facing crazy monkey mind problem, what you are facing obstacle in your life, you can make friends. You can transform as support for happiness, support for inner well being.

Okay, take care, bye bye.