A Guided Meditation on the Body, Space, and Awareness with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

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Unedited transcript

Welcome. I am very happy to share with you some meditation instruction. Now first is, it is very simple, please keep your spin straight. Just straight but don’t worry to much about perfect. I have to stay there perfect. Just keep straight. And please close your eyes. Just you close your eyes like you are sleeping. You don’t have to close to tightly or any special way. And relax your muscles in your body. Relax muscles in your head. Forehead. Face. Ear. Chicks. Throat. Upper body. Arms and hand. Lower body. And the legs and feet. Just totally relaxed yet spin straight. And little bit bend your neck forward, little bit. As almost like the weight of your head rests on your neck. You can effortlessly rest. Each part of body on the one below. And this way you feel like resting but there is strength. So you can find balance. All the parts of your body is resting one top of the others. But at the same time there is kind of a strength within you, you spin is straight. Sometimes you feel like little bit gravity, you feel little bit like gravity. And just feel sometimes some sensations. Just let it be. Whatever feeling in your body, just aware and let it be. When I was young, my father used to tell me that. Let your body on the cushion and let your mind in the body. That is why join body and mind together. Your mind comes to your body, just aware of your body and aware of any sensation, feelings in your body. Pleasant feeling, joy, bliss. Or unpleasant feeling, tight, pain. Or neutral feeling, maybe tickling. Or no feeling. So any type of feeling. Just aware and let it be. Okay for few seconds, just aware. Relaxed.

Okay. Now you can expand your awareness out of your body. Surround of you. Maybe there is some sound. Or any smell. Or any sensation. Like your room temperature. Little bit hot, bit cold. Any noise. People are chatting. Or car, train, or airplanes moving around. Or your neighbors making noise, anything. Just aware. Just know, just recognize there is sound. And your awareness becomes more open and more vast. Stay there. And aware of any phenomena for few seconds.

Now you can expand your awareness even more further. Beyond your immediate surrounding. Feel the space around you. Above you. And aware of that space, more, further down.

All the phenomena occur in the space. Changing in the space, dissolve back into space. Like cloud. They come into space, remain in the space, they dissolve into the space. And now you can even more expand your awareness. Go beyond the clouds. Space, which is boundless. Space, which is open for all directions. Everywhere. Be there, don’t worry you are not going to get lost. Stay there for few seconds.

Okay now please slowly open your eyes. And be present here. Just rest your mind also. Not only the body. How to rest your mind? For example, if you like to physical exercise, you are jogging in the garden or park. Or hiking to the hills or mountains. Maybe for few minutes or hours, let’s say one hour. And after finish your jog, you may use nice seat or rock or grass field. Sit on the grass field and with big sight: Haaaa. Just resting. You don’t have to meditate, just let your mind rest as it is. And the body also. Just rest. For few seconds.

Maybe you feel like: Oh there are so many thoughts, so many emotions occur in my mind. What should I do with those emotions, those thoughts. Same, same as before, you just aware. If there is thought and emotions, you are just aware of thought and emotions. What I call bala bala bala. Just look at the bala bala bala. Aware and let it be. Same like you are aware of your body. Aware of sound and sensations. Now same, just aware, thought and emotions. Let them come and let them go. But if you can not aware of them, also fine. You are in non conceptual state of mind. But not too long, for a few seconds. Again you see thought and emotions. Or form, sound, smell. Anything. Just aware. For few seconds. Anything occur in your mind, in your body, in your perceptions. Just aware and let it be.

Okay, now you can apply this awareness, this open, this awareness with any situation in your life, with any activities in daily life. Short time, many times. Everywhere, anytime. Seven days for week. Three hundred and sixty five of the year. Then you can be your mind with joyful, peaceful experience. And you will develop your inner love, compassion, wisdom. Thank you.