a story of relative perception

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Unedited transcript

I will tell you one story. That is a true story. Few years ago I was in France, Paris. And I been to wax museum. You know wax, wax museum. And then there are many many many wax statue. Really like real person. But light is not so clear, little bit dark. Then there are many many wax statues. And there is a Dalai Lama. Wow, so really. Dalai Lama face, even pimples. And I am so surprised and looking at Dalai Lama’s statue, wow. And there is a couple, they come. And they are talking, looking. And the girl sits next to me and the boy try to take picture. I thought what they are doing. And I said: Hehe. And the girl: Haaa. The man holding the picture. … They thought I am wax also. Because I am next to Dalai Lama. Similar. Deluded perception. Because she misunderstood. You are not seeing things real.