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Okay if you don’t have money, how to do? There are three styles. Yes Sir. Hey get out. Friend. Okay. Yes Sir means, I don’t have money. I am not going to have any money. My luck is zero. This is end of my life. My problem is the biggest problem in this world. So you just give up. You just surrender. And then you have no strength. No energy. You are not going to make any effort. So if you don’t make effort there is no result. If you make effort, there is always result. But you cannot have result 100% perfect. Also little bit gain and lost, gain and loose. Remember, life is like what? Wave of ocean. And second? Stock market. This is why you have to accept that. But if you make effort, you have wisdom. You have power. You have capability. You have knowledge. You have love and compassion. Lot of good things within you. This is why try your best. Everything starts from zero. Zero has so many possibilities. This is why don’t give up. But this is, you are not saying yes Sir. Hey get out, another style says, hey get out. More money. I need more money. What shall I do? This lack of money is not good, maybe I should borrow so many money. Too much greedy. Taking too much risk. Doing crazy things. Also problem. So you try to reject the situation. You feel like I don’t have money so I don’t want to think other people look at me no money. Buy big expensive, borrow from your friend, and buying big expensive coat and pretend big business person.

I will tell you one story. It is true story and I like to tell this story. One of my friend, somewhere form Asia, from Malaysia, and 1997 and 8 there is big financial crises in Asia. And my friend is stock trader. You know, stock market. And within few month he lost everything. First he is millionaire. And then few month later he lost everything and I call zeronaire. Looser. Looser? I don’t know, looser or not. But he is okay. Some of friends jump of high building. And some of them become crazy. Some of them depressed, lost energy. Cannot eat, cannot sleep. Cannot do anything. But my friend says: Haha. And people ask him: What do you feel you lost everything now. He said: Well, I got all these money from stock market. Now everything gone back into the stock market. This is life, what to do. Few month before I am living in a big house, and now I am sleeping on my friends couch. But he is no giving up. This why letting go is not giving up. He starts another business and now he became millionaire again. Until last year. But we don’t know this year. So you have to accept this. You have to accept life is like stock market and wave of ocean. This is why, making friends is accepting situation, accepting the problem, and you can use it, transform it, you can do many different things. Some scientist say, if we have ten qualities, nine of them is positive, one of them negative. But normally what you see is only one negative quality within you. In ourselves. And you exaggerate. Make it very big. And also, this is with the relationship also. You can apply same thing with the relationship. Same with your disease, physical problem.