advice for aspiring monastics

Unedited transcript

Question: Do you have any advice for young people who are aspiring to become monastics?

If young people, if you want to become monastic, first you have to know what the vows, what those things. And also you try, don’t take commitment for life long or very long. First you just try, maybe you can become monastic for six month first. Or year. Or three years, something like that. And another important is, you should have some kind of like, how to say, vision or plan for how you do. Important is, you are young, you have energy, maybe you have long time, who knows, everything impermanent. Maybe first, study. Also important. Meditate, maybe you can go to study some, there is in India, Nepal, there is lot of shedra, you can join those and learn first. And then, at the same time you can learn meditation practice. Then the future goal is to retreat. And then also you can help others also if you become good monastic and you become very good, become like, how to say, role model for the dharma. And also good for you, you have knowledge, you have experience, this is why then become very good. Otherwise, sometimes, you want to become monk and nun, then you just become nun and being lazy. No practice, no meditation. And then waste time. And then sometimes no practice and no dharma and no world life, could be danger although. No big danger.

Can I ask a quick question? I just study the vinaya or study anything.

In general idea about the vinaya a little bit, but study anything, in Buddhism there is five main text, madhyamaka, the middle way, prajnaparamita, the wisdom, abhidharma, general things, and vinaya, and the logic, five.