benefits of meditation

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Question: It seems like one of things that come across with you is humor. You use humor a lot in your teachings.

Oh thank you.

Question: Yes, you are very entertaining. Is that just something that comes natural to you.

Is like nature you know. My humor, I have like born with little bit sense of humor but when I give teaching for the retreatants, when I was seventeen, eighteen, nineteen years old I don’t use humor much. But I come to west, people like humor. And I express you know into teaching. It is kind of my nature and I am very happy with that and whatever I feel I just express my natural style. Maybe I want to say little bit about research, what I find out from meeting with science and researching with them. I found there are three important points. First is, what they call, the scientists call neuroplasticity, means your brain is capable of change. And even if you are born with unhappy, but you have opportunity to change into happy person. Because the brain can organize itself and make new function, even structure can change. That is why there is hope. Second important point is one of the best way to change your brain activity from negative to positive is apply meditation, daily apply meditation. That is why cure, even you have some psychology problem, cure by meditation, is not coming back again. Third. That positive change in your brain is good for your physical body. It is good for immune system, good for blood circulation. And there are some other scientists research about this issue, that it is good for stress and good for many things, diabetes. So it is good for your physical body. And I add one more, good for your life, that is from my research. I mean not really research but it is good for your life. Why? Because happy mind, healthy body, is good for your life of course.