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Bodhgaya is the holy place for Buddhism because Buddha became enlightened in this place in Bodhgaya. I think this is the main holy place in the world for Buddhism. First Buddha was meditating near Bodhgaya, I think maybe two kilometers from Bodhgaya, called ?? . He meditated for six years. After all those six years of meditating he thought: Oh, still I didn’t achieve a high level of realization. Why? And Buddha recognized, still he had a little attachment with the meditation. What we call shamata. And Buddha thought: Okay, maybe I should give up the meditation. And then he came to [sit] under the bodhi tree and meditated on vipassana. Then there were a lot of obstacles and Buddha meditated on loving kindness compassion. Then all the obstacles were naturally removed by power of loving kindness and compassion. Then Buddha became enlightened; Buddha became a Buddha. And then after that, Buddha thought: Okay maybe this is so nice, so pure, and beyond concepts, beyond words, [that] even [if] I try to explain, maybe nobody will understand. And he meditated inside the forest for a while, and then many disciples asked Buddha to please give teaching. And Buddha thought, where should I give? And he thought, I have some friends in Varanasi, maybe I should go there. And went to Varanasi and gave teaching about four noble truths.

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Then after that, there is a big monastery here after the Buddha passes away, maybe one hundred years later, I don’t know the exact time, what we call there is Mahabodhi temple. Big monastery, there is a lot of scholars, panditas, and monks, many here. And there are a lot of Indian mahapandita. And they even come to Tibet, like pandita ???, many things. And they from Bodhgaya.

And what is meaning of holy place in buddhism what we believe the holy place means because of the power of interdependent what we call everything is dependent on cause conditions and result. This is why here this area, this holy place is special for, special connection with the enlightened path, because Buddha was enlighten here. And because of that interdependent connection, the land also blessed by Buddha. And when you come here and visit this place and there is kind of like energy, positive energy, positive power of interdependent. And you get blessing also. And mainly blessing for the meditation or practice. But again you need cause and conditions. First you have to recognize holy place, and you have kind of interest to the holy place, kind of like devotion. And everything cause condition comes together then you get blessing. What is the meaning of blessing? The power of interdependent, the positive power of interdependent. To purify negativities, bad karmas. And to benefit for recognize our true nature. What we call buddha nature.

And the buddha nature is kind of like main essence of the Buddha’s teaching. Why we practice, because of buddha nature. We all have pure nature, pure inner nature. And that nature is existing within each and every sentient being. There is no difference between Buddha and us. Buddha has buddha nature, we have buddha nature. There is no difference between buddha nature. Maybe Buddha’s buddha nature is good, our buddha nature is not good. It is not like that. We have on example. The buddha nature is like diamond. Diamond has a lot of quality, like pure, clean, what else, rare and valid and hard. Many qualities. But if diamond remain in the mud, totally covered by mud. Or someone: Oh this is diamond and they purify and put on top of crown. In England, queen she has big diamond. It is nice. And if somebody asks, what is difference between those two diamond, actually one diamond, one diamond has two situation. One remain in the mud, one is top of somebodies crown. Which one has more quality. It is one, same. The diamond never change. But the difference between this two diamonds is the mud. One with the mud, one is, there is no mud. This is why, we are in samsara right now, we call samsara, because we have obscuration, what we call obscuration. But that obscuration and negativities is not connected with the essence of our true nature, buddha nature. And this is why Buddha gave teaching, Buddha said. I will show you the path, enlightened path and you have to recognize because you have enlightened essence. You can become a Buddha. When you become a Buddha it doesn’t mean your nature becomes better. But now you are in samsara it doesn’t mean your nature is bad. Okay.