brainwave research

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Question: You became involved with the experience they have done in Wisconsin.


With the brain studies.

Yes yes.

And the mind life institute is something you continue, you participating still?

I joined mind life meetings and I also joined the experiments with the mind life. Because they have special program about researching long term meditators brain. And I am guinea pig. I saw the the guinea pig, small animal, it is white. But I am red guinea pig. Okay anyway they put me in big machine, call FMRI. It is very big, shape of white coffin. There is tongue coming out, I have to lay down on that. And they give me even white blanket. And they tight my head, here and here. And there is big ear phone here, like pilot, big earphone. They put in my mouth what they call bite guard. It is like gum first. Little bit hot, it is like gum. It is warm. I chew and they put into cold water. Freeze. Then they put in my mouth and chew, screw up with the machine. And I have lie down inside. One hour, sometimes more. And then I have to meditate on three subjects. First what they call open presence. Just mind open, rest into calm clear, into awareness. Spacious. There is no special object. Second, meditation with focus. Using object as meditation, using object as support for meditation. Third, unconditional loving kindness and compassion. Three meditation techniques. And they say through earphone, they say. Ninety second compassion. Stop compassion. Compassion. No compassion. And same time they send noise. Terrible noise. Like girl screaming. And baby crying. And while this I have to meditate these three things. Stop. Meditate. Hmm. Meditate. Sometimes I get itchy here, I cannot move my hand. I do like this. I don’t know what it the result inside.