fear of flying

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Unedited transcript

Question: So you dealt with your panic and your dealt with your fears, fears of flying. Getting on an airplane was difficult for you too at the beginning.

Ya ya. First time I was going from Nepal to Sherab Ling, we had to fly, take about one hour. Then I am very fear because first time I am into the flight. And then flight take off, and there is turbulence. And next to me there is one man. And he is talking about, oh no problem. This is just you know, the airplane is special made for wind, so you don’t worry about it. Sit like very confident. But then after half an hour later, plan jump. The man, wow. He jump more than me. And I feel, wow very funny. And I hold my chair tightly. And I have sweating. But then finally I got to Delhi, which is nice, survived. And stay Delhi for two nights and go to Sherab Ling.

Why did you go to Sherab Ling?

Because I am 7th Mingyur Rinpoche and this is why the previous Mingyur Rinpoche connected with the Sherab Ling monastery and that is why I want to go there and learn and meditation and philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, and those things. That is why I been there, but I don’t have – my parents stay in Nepal. But me and one of my friends, we go there.