how to take charge of your health

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Unedited transcript

My name is, the long name is Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. I know it is very difficult. I am just simple, natural monk. And wearing red robes, shaving hair. And telling everybody about idea of meditation

What does health mean to you?

To mean the health means kind of like what we call horse and rider. The horse is like physical health, and the rider is the mind. Sometimes rider can control the horse, or horse can control the rider. The best is, they both work together. Best. Then you have no problem, you can reach your destination. But sometime you have nice rider but horse is crazy. That is a problem. But horse is nice but rider is crazy. Also problem. The health is important, and the mind is important, the best is these two work together that is very good.

How do you take charge of your health?

Mainly I do meditation. Because what I call monkey mind that makes very very tired. Even your life is wonderful but you create problems. Simple problem you exaggerate make big problem. This is why I try to meditate that helps a lot. And also I do exercise, physical exercise, walking, jogging. I want to go to the mountains.

What can you do today?

To take charge of your health I think most important is work together again here, horse and rider together. Horse is your physical body, rider your mind, together, join together. For the physical body very important to have exercise. And manage your schedule. The time is like rubber band, you can do many things. Maybe you can have time for exercise. Time for relax. Of course you have job, sometimes time for little fun. But don’t do one thing too much. This is why need balance.

Take charge of your health today.