joyful wisdom

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Unedited transcript

Question: Is there anything you think that will help to address the problems we are facing.

Of course. I think most important is that now we have this problem, but don’t feel just upset about problem. Don’t feel just depressed about problem. You can search solution. Because we have wisdom, we have capability, we have knowledge. What we call basic goodness. We have lot of nice things within us. I heard of this, some scientists said if you have ten qualities, one of them is negative, nine of them is positive. Normally you are not seeing nine positive. Only look at the one negative quality and exaggerate. This is why, we do like that. But don’t always look at the negative aspect. And then try to continue, for example I have panic attacks, when I was young I had panic attacks and I used my panic attacks as object of meditation. I made friendship with panic. Similar like this problem. So if you worry too much you become homeless, this is the end of my life, I cannot do anything, even you have wisdom capability, cannot manifest because you bind yourself and your mind becomes small. You cannot see the great opportunity, you cannot have strength to walk continually. But of course, the life is like stock market, up and down. If you accept life is like stock market it is good for you, then you can do more, your mind more open. And this is why – I have one story. I have one friend in Malaysia. Eleven or twelve years ago there is a big stock market problem in Malaysia. Everybody loose money. And some of friends become crazy because they loose everything. Some of them jump top of the building. But for him, he is not really become crazy but he lost everything within few month. First he is millionaire, but in the end what i call zeronaire. Lost everything. But he is, haha, feel ???, not really problem. And people ask him, what do you feel, you lost everything. He said. I get all those money from stock market. And now I lost all those money into stock market. I got from stock market, I lost into stock market, what to do. This is the life. Kind of he can accept it. But he does not give up. He looked to other things, made other business, and now he became millionaire again. Until last year, I don’t know this year.

Question: So that is what you mean when you talk about joyful wisdom?

Yes joyful wisdom is kind of like: The real joy is within you. And try to use your wisdom, knowledge, love and compassion, capability, try your best. That is what I call, letting go is not giving up. Of course you can letting go this fixation, relax, open mind, accept the situation. But not give up, never give up. Continue.