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Question: Whether as far as what is happening with live on earth, we talked about samsara and it is kind of a cycle of rebirth, is there any sense of the development of consciousness or any sort of enhanced awareness over time?

In Buddhism what we believe that karma, karma is the interdependent connection, the power of interdependent connection. There is a law, the karma, karmic law. There is cause, conditions, results. And the result always comes from cause and conditions. Without cause and conditions there is no result. If there is necessary cause, condition everything together, you will have result, definitely you will have result. So it is interdependent. So whole world, whole universe, what we call samsara is dependent on karmic cause, condition. That is why, it is not just random, with these things, not just by luck, it is lot of cause, condition follow up. It is very long kind of like continuation.

Right now there are lot of things that are kind of scary, ominous global warming, environmental change and disease and that sort of thing that have people concerned. That things are changing in a threatening way. Do you address those fears, feelings?

What we call there is two karma. Individual karma, common karma. Common karma means everybody feel together, everybody experience together. Individual karma is one person happy but other is not. One person is healthy and other is not healthy. One person is sick other person is not sick. One person is rich other is poor. One person is poor other person medium, middle class. Everybody has little bit little bit different situation. But we all see one world, for example the cup here, you can see cup, I can see cup, this is from common karmic perception. This is why, there come many things and this is why there is some time the global problem come from global, common karmic perception. And individual problems, individual perceptions.