Losar greetings 2009

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Unedited transcript

Most important thing is, we are now beginning to have a new year and the old year is almost about to cease. And this is very important to remember: impermanence. Impermanence, because life is changing. And not only your life is change, outer phenomena is change, your friends are change, your business is change, your job is change, your life is change. So the important thing is you have to accept the impermanence. If you don’t know how to accept impermanence, if you fight with impermanence, then there is going to be stronger suffering. If you know how to follow the impermanence, there is joy also. This is why Buddha said that recognizing suffering as suffering is one of the best ways to liberate from suffering. The same here. If you accept the impermanence, your mind becomes more open and you can see lots of possibilities in your life. You can have good [opportunity] for developing wisdom. You can see more things. You can see situations more clearly. Your mind becomes less sensitive. If you don’t accept impermanence, your mind becomes very tiny and small and sensitive. You cannot see big problems and you will see small problems as big problems. This is why sometimes I am giving the example that accepting impermanence and using impermanence as meditation practice is like diving – you know, in the ocean there are waves. If you know how to play with waves, then waves become the cause of joyful experience. You can play in the wave, water surfing, diving. You can do many things. You can play with the wave and a strong wave is nice. But if you don’t know how to play with the wave, if you are against the wave, then it will sink you. You may become full of water in your stomach. Ha ~. Anyway, this is why one important thing to remember is impermanence. One year is almost gone, finished. This is why [we are] thinking about impermanence.

And the second important thing is to prepare for the new year. We are going to have a new year and thinking that: Okay, whatever was in the past year is finished. Now I am going to have a new year; what should I do in the new year? What kind of effort do I want [to engage in]?