Losar greetings 2010

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Unedited transcript

Happy Losar. I am in Nepal. Now this time is new year’s eve. Tibetan and Chinese new year’s eve. This is why I want to send you some message which is warm greetings and I will pray that this new year may bring you happiness and success in your life. And also develop your wisdom, compassion. And also we already finished one year. So now we are going to have new year and for you also it’s very important to have some kind of like aspiration for this new year. Okay now from tomorrow, we are going to have new year and for this year I will try my best to make effort in helping others, doing good things, [with] warm heart, kind heart. Or special practice, meditation, whatever. You try to make this plan. This is why beginning of the year is very important. And also good reminder for impermanence. One year is gone, finished; it is impermanence. This is why, yes, happy. One new year coming. And also is reminder for the meditation of impermanence. Okay, after three days later, after four days later, we are going to have opening ceremony for the new traditional college, what we call shedra. Study, special study for the buddhism philosophy, buddhist philosophy. We have debate, meditation, study, contemplation and meditation, three together. Because this monastery where I am living now is Loeseling Monastery and Loeseling Monastery transform into shedra, called Tergar Loeseling Monastery. And we are going to have opening ceremony for that. And now I am very happy that I am here and I am happy that I can send this message for all of you. And see you soon, take care, be happy. Bye bye.