losing everything without giving up

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Unedited transcript

I have one friend in Malaysia. And 1997 or 8 there is a big Asian market crush. And my friend was playing stock market. Stock trader, trading the stocks. Within few month he lost everything. First, before few month, he is millionaire. And after that he lost everything. I call from millionaire become zeronaire. But he was fine. And then some of his friend become very crazy and some of them cannot sleep, cannot eat. Some of them fall into big depress. They cannot do anything. Some of them even jump from the tall building. But he is not become crazy. And someone ask him. What do you feel? Because you lost everything. Well I got all these money from stock market. And now everything gone, gone back into stock market. What to do, that is the life. But he not give up, he tried to start another business. So now he became millionaire again. Until last year. Who knows this year.