making life decisions

Unedited transcript

Question: Rinpoche in the west we have so many options, we have so many decisions to make, what kind of things to do, what career to choose. And how do we make these big decision in life? How do we know what is really right and what is important?

That is, for that, flip up a coin. Chinese they are very easy they do ??. Maybe you can do divination, you know divination? Very simple one, use your mala. Good, bad, good, bad, good, bad. No no joking. Don’t do that. How to make decision, in Tibetan style there are, first there are four things you have to know about. One is your basic desire, what is your heart felt. What is your gut feeling. Do you say gut feeling also? So you try to look that. And second is your skill, capability, and your talents, knowledge, whatever you have. And third is, general circumstances. Your gut feeling and your skill and together which one is suitable for your life, general situation, for your world of, I don’t know, what is your direction, economy direction, or education direction, or spiritual path direction, whatever. You can see general situation. Third if you want to choose, for short time or long time. Or stable or risky. And first choose stable one. Or short time, long time, maybe choose the long time benefit. So based on this four, and you see your option. And you can have many option is okay is no problem. Option four, in Tibetan we say if you have option four, then yes, no, yes, no, become eight. This is also okay. You can have many is okay. But whatever option, first you think different option is also important, then your mind is open, you see different aspect. But also good and bad, you can also write down, if it is big decision, even you write down the point in the book. And afternoon you think, afternoon, little bit evening. And also pray to Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, and to help you to find good idea or whatever. And then you sleep. Morning will wake up mostly nice idea, you come up nice idea, in the morning. You can write down in book whatever idea you have. Do that for few days. And then also search, I mean ask your friends, of course you research. Then you made decision. Once you made decision don’t change too much. If you you change too much, what we call if you want to hike, if you want to go top of this mountain, go little bit, give up, go little bit, give up, go little bit, give up, then wasting time, wasting energy, in the end cannot get. But if you go this way also difficult, may things very difficult. When you reach here, equal to coming from this way, this way and this way. Once you achieve one, it is almost equal to achieve many things. Achieve everything. This is why don’t change too much. But of course every decision there is gain and lost. You cannot have always one hundred percent perfect decision. You cannot lost all the decision wrong. Every decision there is gain and lost. You have to scarify some, you have to choose some, that is the nature.