meditation advice for beginners

Unedited transcript

Advice for beginner who first learning meditation. I think balance is important, balance. The meaning of balance is, try your best to learn meditation, whatever. But your mind, don’t be too tight on the quality of meditation. This is why just meditate, but don’t worry. Oh my meditation going well, not well, right, wrong. Who cares? But apply while you are meditating. But in general you have to learn what is meditation, what is misunderstanding, and what is the essence of meditation, you have to learn. But when you meditate, don’t think of so many things. Don’t even think of right or wrong. Right meditation, okay. Wrong meditation is okay. Good meditation is okay. Bad meditation is okay. My father used to tell me the zero meditation. Meaning of zero meditation is you just try. There is intention to meditate, you want to meditate. But don’t worry about the quality of meditation. Just do it and try. Work? Okay. Doesn’t work? Okay. But you have intention. As soon as, if you try to meditate, awareness is right there. So awareness is essence of meditation. So meditation is not like thought or no thought, you cannot say there is no thought so you have meditation. And there is the thought, you don’t have meditation. You cannot say that. So essence of meditation is awareness. Whether you have awareness or not. Whether your realize your awareness or not. That is why balance is important.