meditation practice

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Unedited transcript

Keep your spin straight. You can use – not now, later. But also okay if you want now. If you have back pain, you can against a chair, you can have any support for your back. As long as you can keep your spin straight you can use any support. In Tibet we have meditation stick for old people. It is like this. If this come up then very similar. For old people. Even young people also okay if your spin is problem. And meditation belt, many things. But you have to keep your spin all the way to the head. Not like this. You keep your spin straight but still your neck is not straight. There is one example which is someone pulling your hair up. You don’t have much hair. I don’t have much hair. It doesn’t work for both of us. Maybe from beard. If someone pulls your hair up then automatically becomes like this. Okay. And then second relax your muscles. If you use chair touch your feet to ground. You can put your hand on your knees. Or put on your lap. It is up to you. That is, you can cross your leg also. That is the physical point. You understand? Yes or no? How many no? Nobody, okay.

Now with the mind. First I will teach you something which is not meditation. How many of you learn meditation before? Raise your hand. Okay. How many of you not? Don’t be shy, no problem. Raise your hand again. Okay. And and how many of you both? Okay. Now something which is not related with the meditation is just relax your mind. So I will teach you how to relax your mind. And this is like after you finish physical exercise. You know physical exercise? Have you ever done in your life? So raise your hand? Good. Jogging, swimming, sport, whatever. After you did your exercise for half an hour you are pretty happy. Because you finished your exercise. But you are little bit tired. And you may use nice chair. Rest on chair with deep breathing. Haaaa. Good translator, from haaa in english to haaaa in russian. Okay, like that, rest like that. Pretty easy yes? Or another example is after you finish your job. What time you finish the office time? In Russia, what time? Six? I came from Denmark, they finish four thirty, Switzerland four thirty, five. Here six. Okay. Friday afternoon. Because next day is weekend. Ah what time? Almost to six. Nice. You come back to home. You leave your handbag whatever somewhere else and rest on your chair. Maybe in front of television. But television not on yet. Haaaa. Like that. But don’t meditate. Many of you learn meditation before. So now forget about meditation. Just relax. This is why you are not meditating this is why you can have thoughts. They can come and go. Welcome to come and welcome to go. You just relax. You can have some pain in your body also okay. Tension also okay. Everything is welcome. Welcome to come and welcome to go. Just rest 100%. Not 200%. 200% relaxation is relaaax. Now we are going to practice together now. Please keep your spin straight.