meditation with sound

Unedited transcript

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Now I will tell you my secret. How to make friend with the monkey mind? Give job. That is the secret. Finish my secret. Okay? No? If you can give job to your monkey mind, then you become boss. Monkey mind become your employee. And you become employer. Normally monkey mind giving job to us. All the time. Problem. Monkey mind is our boss. But now if you can give job to the monkey mind, then you become boss. This way you can free your mind, you can liberate. You can free from problem of monkey mind. What is the meaning of free? Even you don’t want to be angry but anger comes. Even you want to be worry, but worry comes. You don’t want to be upset but upset. You don’t want to think I am bad but you think I am bad. You don’t want to have depression but depression. You don’t want to have panic but panic comes. These are not free. Wild monkey mind giving you lot of jobs. But now you can give job to the monkey mind. So if you can give job to the monkey mind, monkey mind also happy. Why? Monkey mind loves job. So monkey mind got the job, so monkey mind also happy and you are happy. This is why win win situation. This is why you become friend now. But one important is, don’t give full time professional job. Monkey mind not get used to work full time professional job for someone. So first you have to give part time job to the monkey mind. And monkey mind says: Oh yes. Sorry. Yes. And then slowly slowly your mind becomes calm, peaceful, pliable, workable. So sometimes what we call ???, ??? means great or supreme, extremely great. ??? means trained or pliable or workable. Okay do you understand? Everybody? So now main important issue is, how to give job to monkey mind.

Now I will teach you how to give job to monkey mind. Maybe I need bell. There are two things important, first is physical posture. I think, how many of you new to meditation here in this room? Not many people. First important thing is keep your spin straight. And what I say, one hundred percent straight, and also relax muscles in your body. Also one hundred percent relaxed. So not two hundred percent straight and relaxed. If you try to relax two hundred percent it becomes like this. Relax. Relax. Relaaaax. You are saying relaaaax and you are tight up. Not like that. Or if you try to relax two hundred percent, another is maybe you become like this. Relax. So not like that. One hundred percent relaxed. This is why, because of this is one hundred percent relaxed, so you can have tight also okay. If you cannot rest also okay. You are allowed to have not rest. If you have automatic tension in your body, okay. Tightness, okay. Muscle pain, okay. Totally natural. Leave it as it is. Okay. And next is, mind. So now I will teach you how to give job to the monkey mind. And the job here is today I would like to teach you with sound. Sound meditation. There are two steps. How to listen. And sound meditation. Okay now first is how to listen.


Do you hear it? Now next is, when you begin to hear this sound, raise your hand. And when you cannot hear sound, then put your hand down.


Okay, good. That means you all can hear sound. If so raise your hand. Okay. Now finished, now you know how to listen. So you all pass. You all very smart you know. You all genius. Genius. Because when I teach and you got right away, you learned right away. What I am teaching is how to listen to sound and you all know how to listen because you hear the sound.

Okay now next is meditation. Sound meditation. The sound meditation is another secret. The sound meditation is – this are the big secret that is why I am a little bit nervous to tell you my secret. The sound meditation is – that was sound meditation. Finished now. You understand. Whatever you did right now, that was sound meditation. How to listen to sound is sound meditation. So I say that was, you raise your hand and you all say you hear the sound. This is it. That was sound meditation. This is why now what I say buy one get one free. Buy one means, you buy for listen to sound and you get one free which is meditation. So you have both together. So now meditation is very easy, you just listen to sound, that is all. Ear and the mind together listen to sound. That is meditation. That is why actually you are meditating for. Normally just listen to sound, now you know you are listen to sound. This is why difference.