message to Tergar Study Group Taipei – 2010

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Unedited transcript

Hello Tashi Delek. I am now in Nepal. And I am very happy to be here. And I did retreat for four month in India and I was praying for all of you during my retreat, all my students. Pray for develop your practice, wisdom, compassion. No obstacles. Now I am in Nepal, now, for a few days laters we are going to have new open ceremony for traditional Buddhist college, what we call shedra. I am going to establish shedra in Kathmandu here in Nepal, new shedra. And I met ???, and I heard lot of nice stories about practice, people who join in group practice and I heard a lot of good stories from you. And I was very happy. You are all together and practice together. This is very good because practice together, join together is very very important. The Buddha said, Sangha – Sangha means at least need four people. More than four people then become Sangha. Sangha together, if you practice, for example if you say OM MANI PEDME HUNG, if you say only one OM MANI PEDME HUNG of course benefit. But four people together say OM MANI PEDME HUNG each person receive benefit of saying four times. So if you say OM MANI PEDME HUNG one time with four people together each one get benefit of saying four. If you say OM MANI PEDME HUNG only by yourself then benefit one. That is why group is very good. Share experience, encourage each other. This is why you can learn more. That is why first teacher is your guru, your teacher. And second teacher is your dharma brother and sister in general. That is why come together, share each other, encourage each other is very important. Learn each other. And don’t make so much gossip. But if you come together always say: He is bad, he is not good, that is no good. And jealousy each other, she is better, he is better. And try to control, one or two person sometime. I need control. If you think I want control you cannot get control. This is no good. Otherwise Sangha is very ???, very benefit. Group practice. Join together and tied together. That is why I am very happy that you all be together, nicely, good way. Good Sangha. And I will pray continue like that in the future and I will come to Taiwan in August. Then we will see you again. Okay. Bye Bye, see you. Oops, sorry, I think I told you I am going to come in August. That was mistake. I will come to October. I will come to Taiwan in October. Okay.