mind like space

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Unedited transcript

Awareness is like space. Can not be polluted by clouds. You know, you cannot obscure space. Clouds, the earth, the solar systems, the galaxies, you cannot cut space, you cannot burn space. Space always pure and clean, always there. The nature of space is always pure and clean. So awareness like that. And this way, you automatically eliminate suffering. Why? Because normally our mind totally relying on outer materials. Form, sound, smell, taste, sensation. Five. And even thought and emotions. It is not material but thought and emotions is also bumpy. These all phenomena, the form sound smell thought emotion, is like always come and go, come and go. Like when you are driving on the bumpy road, because the bumpy road, the road is not good, you bump also. Because you are relying on the bumpy road. Of course you bump. Same if you are relying on the phenomena, which is always changing, impermanence, dependent on the circumstances, then your mind is, then your happiness become like stock market. Ups and downs and ups and downs. But actually awareness is like space, is always with you, so if you can stay with your own awareness then your happiness not become up and down. If you stay with cloud, then you become up and down. Some day nice cloud, some day no cloud, some day bad cloud with hurricane or tornado or typhoon. And some days very beautiful and nice cloud. So it changes all the time. But if you stay with the space, doesn’t change. This is what we call, you will achieve freedom of the mind. If I mentioned before, our mind is like flag in the wind, it always blows here and there, there is no control. There is no freedom. And what is the meaning of achieving freedom of mind. For example you don’t want to be angry but anger comes. You don’t want to be upset but upset. You don’t want to be depressed but depressed. You don’t want to be worried too much but then worries come sometimes. Normally mind almost does the opposite. If you want to do something, always tries to come the other direction. That is what we call not free. Your mind doesn’t have freedom. How to free from that? Only you know how to deal with the mind, how to practice with the mind. Otherwise, if you try achieve real freedom, inner freedom, looking for the outer material things, outer phenomena, doesn’t help. So how to achieve this freedom. Through practice of awareness. And then your mind automatically calm, peaceful, pliable, workable, what we call workable, pliable. Pliability and workability. Peaceful, joyful, spacious, these are the experience of meditation, but not the essence of meditation. The essence of meditation is awareness. But of course from beginning it is very difficult. It is not only for you but for me also. But as you practice more and more, it is better and better.