monkey mind problem

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Unedited transcript

I will tell you one story. I like to tell this story again and again. I heard this story from my jewish friend. Any Jewish here? Only one? There is one jewish old lady and she go synagog for all her life and pray to god. You say god or father? You don’t know. God yes. And then when she is around sixty years old she thought: Oh now I am getting old. I never ask anything from god and now I am going to ask the last and the first. And then she prayed to god and she asked: What should I ask? Simple and benefit. I don’t want to ask so complicated, because I don’t want to give big job to the god. Simply and very effective for me. And she thought: Lottery is good. And she asked god: Please help me to win one lottery. And she went back to the home and waiting for winning lottery. Nothing happened. And she went there second time to pray to god. Please help me just this one number, not much, for me benefit a lot. And never pray ask you any help until now, this is the first and last, please help me. And she went few times nothing happened. And she very very depressed. Then she said: Now if you don’t help me to win the lottery, I am not going to come this synagog again. Please help me. And she cried. And then suddenly there is a big noise coming. And all synagog shaking. And there is a big voice, big loud voice ahead. In order to win the lottery, first you have to buy lottery ticket. She didn’t buy. She just prayed and wait for winning.

I thought that is very good story. So you need effort from your side also. Some people they pray to Buddha and …. Many many bai bai. And after they just wait, nothing happened, then they complaint to …., no blessing. So of course this practice helps, but according to your effort and karma, there is a lot of interdependent cause and condition together. Now I am going to begin the transmission.