Moscow 2010

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Why I became monk, shave my hair, also mustache. And wear this red robe. Because since childhood, at nine years old, I been interested in meditation. And then I grew up, I really want to go into retreat, become monk. And now I am very happy about my own decision to become monk. Good, because I have lot of freedom, I have lot of time to practice for myself, to help others, use this time for giving teachings and helping to many other people. Otherwise I have to worry about my wife, my children, education, and where should I send, and how do I make this financially. And lot of time spend every time. So instead helping for five people I can help for many people. This is why I was very happy. Now I am very happy.

The meaning of enlightenment is to see your true nature. Recognize your true nature. The Buddha said, we all have buddha nature. Buddha nature which is totally pure, free from problems, obscurations, suffering, negativities. Totally nice. And it has all the wonderful qualities. Wisdom, boundless love and compassion. Boundless power, activity. Boundless knowledge. Many things, already existing within you.

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