on his birthplace and interest in meditation

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Question: So you were born in 1975.


Not too long ago.

Thank you.

Yes. And you are born in Nepal?

Yes I was born in 1975 in Nepal. In Nepal, northern part of Nepal. Right middle of the Himalaya mountains and in fact we have one of the I think eight highest mountain in the world, something like that. Mountain Manaslu. I born right bottom of the mountain Manaslu. It is very nice, the top of the mountains is glaciers, very nice. And below that there is rock, and below that forest. And the bottom of mountain is field, like grass like this. Similar like this, very nice. And summertime change color because of the wild flower. Sometimes become pink, yellow, white. Different flower.

So it is very beautiful.

Yes, fantastic.

Very beautiful. Surrounded by mountains?

Yes, surrounded with mountains. The river also, cross river from above. Behind of our village there is a nice river. Big one.

And so you grew up, did you have lot of kids that you played with or were you by yourself?

Yes I grew up there, I have many other friends, village friends, and we played together. Sometimes fight together. And I win. No no. We don’t fight but of course we sometimes argue and sometimes happy and sometimes differences. But my grand father was great meditator and I look at him. I inspired by meditation. I pretend that I am meditating. Also I have no idea about meditation. And near my house, there is a few caves and sometimes I go into the cave and we build little bit door for the cave. Me and my friend. But we don’t know how to make but put some stones and try to block some part of cave. Make a nice inside and we pretend to meditate. But I don’t know what is meditation, sometimes fall asleep and wondering here and there. But I really love the idea of meditation and prayer.