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Unedited transcript

One day you met one of your best friend and you ask same question. What time is it now? He said. What are you talking about, you have watch. You can look time, you don’t have to ask me. And you might thought, don’t kidding me, I don’t have watch, this is why I am confused here. And your good friend says, yes you have watch and introducing your watch, pointing out. This is watch. And then your friends says, this is watch, PM, or AM, whatever, one o’clock, two o’clock, how to read your watch, how to look your watch. And slowly you might think, yes maybe this is watch. Maybe not. But then gradually, gradually, you can you can recognize your watch, then you can look the time, PM, AM, right now it is 3 o’clock. One, two three. Oh again, one two three. And how about the minutes. Take time to look your watch. And slowly slowly, just three two. Within one second you are able to watch. Then you get nice job because you own time. You have very nice job, you have good salary. You bought nice house and you stay in your house, very very good facility and maybe few servants. Big refrigerator and good heating system. And still you have watch.

Okay now there is a true situation with watch. First you have watch, you don’t recognize your watch, you are homeless. Second you have watch, but you recognize your watch, your life becomes wonderful, perfect. There is two situation with your watch has more quality? That is the question. Same. First, but then what is the difference? Recognition. First you have watch but you don’t recognize your watch. This is why you have problem. Second you have watch but you recognize your watch. Then the quality of your watch manifest for you. Watch doesn’t change, but it depends on your recognition. If you recognize your watch, then real quality of watch, is hope for you, benefit for you, make function. And this is why the buddha nature is like watch. And this buddha nature within us all the time, there is no difference between our buddha nature and Buddha’s buddha nature. Totally same. But difference is whether you recognize or not. We don’t recognize right now. Buddha already recognize. This is why the teaching on mahamudra is how to recognize your true nature.