Science and Buddhism

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Question: You seem to have a particular interest in science.

Yes I have lot of interest in science. When I was nine years old there is one very famous scientist called Francisco Varela He came to Nepal and learned meditation from my father. And I am very curious about science and special I am curious about galaxies and solar system and stars. Then I asked him some different questions about galaxies, those things. And of course he is not special for that but he is special for brain. But he knows very well, he is very knowledgeable, he give me some answer. And he give me some idea about brain. This is why I develop a lot of interest with science. When I was joining shedra, monastic collage, I have opportunity to join the mind and life meeting with His Holiness Dalai Lama and scientist, very famous scientists who are Nobel Price winner. And also when I come to the west I have opportunity to meet with the scientists, professors. As I have more discussion with science, and I see there is a lot of parallel with Buddhist philosophy, meditation experience, and I made some notes, all those similarities, I made notes. And this become like, slowly slowly become like book, the first book, the Joy of Living. And there is very similarities for small example, for example about physics. The scientists what they call atom in Buddhism what we call ???. ??? and atom is similar, very similar. And science what they call sub-atomic particles in Buddhism what we call ????. And they have proton, neutron, many sub-atoms and particles. We have eight sub-atomic particles. For elements, and form, smell, taste, sensation. Eight. Sometimes sound become nine. And science what they call energy, and in buddhism what we call part-less particle, ???. Indivisible particle, we cannot make it pieces, parts. Like energy, like light. That is what I heard from Einstein said, sometimes particle acts like energy, sometimes act like light, a particle. Light and particle, very similar.