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I will tell you little bit more about science aspect because in my book there is some story about science also. I am guinea pig. You know guinea pig? Little bit like this, white. But I am red guinea pig. Bardo means red? Guinea pig what you say? Whatever he said. Scientist put me in pig machine called FMRI. Anyone who saw MRI? Raise your hand. FMRI? Anyone? MRI and FMRI, there is little difference. Regular MRI is like camera. And FMRI like video. One floor, almost like one floor high. Shape is like white coffin. And inside temperature is very cold. Because there is some magnetic power you have to keep cold. And there is some kind of tongue coming out, very long one. And I have lie down on tongue. As like corpse. Because I cannot move my body. Special packed. I have to pretend like I am dead. And they tight my head. There is big earphone here. And they put something in my mouth what they call bite guard, I don’t know, something in my mouth. Bite, bite guard, just something in my mouth. I have to chew and screw with the machine. And this tongue going in like someone swallowing you. And inside is very dark, cold, and noisy. And the scientists are in the next room telling me please meditate. Three subjects of meditation. First what they call open presence. You have to open your mind inside that tunnel. Second is concentration. It is dark I cannot find object. I been there four times. First year, I cannot find object. I close my eyes. Finally I see something. And third is compassion. And each one is ninety seconds. Please meditate on compassion for ninety seconds. Stop compassion. Please meditate on compassion. No compassion. Compassion. On and off. And the scientists having fun, drinking coffee. Eating hamburgers. Compassion. More compassion. And I get sometimes itchy. Because I have two hours, one and a half hour. And I get itchy here sometimes. I cannot scratch. I did like this. Not like this.

Then the result is, should I tell you result? They say I am totally crazy. I was very depressed. I thought they may tell you: Oho you are enlightened being. Maybe give me special certificate. No no I am joking. They don’t tell me I am crazy. What they found is, not only me there are some other long term meditators. And they check the brain what they call left frontal lobe, around here. Area for positive emotion increase a lot. They never see like this before. And gamma synchronize. Another thing is all the different part of brain working together. And another thing is focus. The focus, normally three seconds, four seconds. But meditator can focus continually one object for ninety seconds. Many things like that. And they also make experiment for beginner who have no idea about meditation, like university student. And teach them meditation. And ask them meditate every day one hour for eight weeks. After eight weeks later, they left frontal lobe activity here increase ten to fifteen percent. Okay what I found by discussion with scientist, I found there is three important points.


What they call neuroplasticity. That means your brain is capable of change. Twelve, thirteen years before neuroscientist don’t believe that. If you are born with unhappy, you are fixed, rest of your life you will be unhappy. Now they say no. You can change. There is unlimited possibilities. This is why there is hope. And the second important point. One of the best way to change your brain activity from negative to positive is apply meditation. And third important point. That positive change in your brain by meditation is also good for your physical body. Good for the immune system. High blood pressure. Heart disease. Stress reduction. Cancer. There are many many different things. And I add one more. Become four. This is from my laboratory, research. You know my laboratory? No no I don’t have, I am joking. Good for your life. Why? Happy mind. Healthy brain, healthy body. Of course good for your life.

Okay that is finished. That is finished story about science. And next maybe I would like to teach you, I did these three meditation techniques in the FMRI. Maybe I will tell you one, only one I cannot teach you three things. But I can teach you one. Do you remember these three? First open presence. Second, concentration. Third, compassion. Everybody clear. Now you have to make choice. Big decision. Open presence, raise your hands. Concentration. Object focus. Okay. Compassion. Okay okay. Now know, concentration not so many people want to learn. Two things, open presence or compassion, this two. Similar, I have to ask you again. Open presence raise your hands. Okay, now compassion, raise your hand. Open presence more. If I have time I will teach you compassion also. Okay there are three important points. First, with physical body. Second, with the mind.