story about His Holiness Karmapa

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Even you have some mistakes in your life, but if you are willing to learn from mistake then mistake really become your teacher. I will tell you some story with His Holiness Karmapa.

First time His Holiness Karmapa came to India, it was year 2000. And then our study in the buddhist college for nine years and I finished, graduated, after study for nine years. I finished my three year retreat when I was seventeen years old, the beginning of my early years, seventeen years old. And seventeen, eighteen, nineteen I joined the traditional buddhist college. And do you saw the documentary sometimes, they do you like this. [clap] Something like that. Debate, the monks, nuns, they fighting each other. And what they fighting for? Fighting about vase, pillar. Bumpa. Bumpa means vase. Because it comes from India. Because India when they look inside house they see the pillar. They use the pillar as example. And when you do something with the vase, for drinking water, or go outside for offering, in India they use in ancient time vase a lot. And we use this as the example. The vase is impermanent. Why? Because it comes from cause and conditions. Something like that. One time there is one business family and they sent their son to the monastery. And after one year later they went to monastery and see the son. But they are debating. The son was there and everyone debate. And he thought, oh it is terrible. All these monks are fighting for bumpa. And he said, be peace, be peace. Next year I will buy bumpa for everyone.

So I finished all these studies, in the year 2000, I finished. And then they choose me as debating partner, when you debate you need a friend, a debating partner for His Holiness Karmapa. Few of us together. And I had big pride. I finished studies for nine years. And Karmapa just beginning to study. So I think he doesn’t know much. One day we were debating together. Defender and debater, there are two things. I was defending and he is debating to me. And I say something something something. In the end I couldn’t get any answer. I cannot say no, I cannot say yes, I cannot say not sure. I cannot give any answer. I just sit there, hehehe. And I thought maybe there is no answer even in the text. Then I lost my pride half. Then I thought, wow this is not just human being.

And then, after few weeks later, then we are study together. And then one time I bought one text and offer him. Actually I got two, one offer him and one I keep. And then he look the text, oh he said: Oh nice. Okay you and me have competition who can memorize this first. It is new text and he doesn’t have before. I just bought and offered. I say: Yes yes. And I have one copy and he has one copy and I sit in the corner of the room. And normally when I memorize text and I have to read loud. Sangye cho dang tsok kyi chog nam la, jang chub bar du dag gi jin gyat su chi, like that. When I read loud, one hundred times, and I can remember. But then I only read for nine or ten times. Then Karmapa is just looking. And I finish I think nine or ten times. He said okay I am finished. I already memorized. I thought I think that is not true. And I told him: Oh thank you thank you, wonderful, give me that copy. And I take both text and I asked him: Please now you can read from your memory. And he read from beginning, we have first page. And according to books maybe it is three pages like that. And he read from beginning to end. And I lost all my pride.

So I learned a lot. This is one of the biggest lesson for me. So before I had pride. And I have not realized that I have little pride. So I realized my pride. And I have great respect to Karmapa. This is why I learned from my mistake. So I hope you will do also. Okay I think I am going to stop talking now.