take a ride in a dream car

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Unedited transcript

Emptiness means not nothingness. Okay? That is very important. In the west many people think emptiness means nothing. Vacuum, nothing, what. Emptiness means not nothingness. Emptiness means anything. I will give you example. If you like a car, maybe Mercedes. I will give you example with the dream. And you like to have Mercedes car or maybe you like to have watch. Watch is better or car is better? How many people like car? How many people like watch? Okay now car win. You like to have a car. What kind of car? Jaguar? Jaguar okay. Royce Rolls. Okay Jaguar. How is Jaguar? How looks like? It is hard to describe. Is it big. Small. Sporty. Very high end sports car. Very expensive? How much? One million? You think oh if I have Jaguar is very good. It is almost like this is the goal of my life. If I have Jaguar, then fine, it is almost I become a Buddha. And one day you have a wonderful dream, just somebody gave you Jaguar. You don’t have to pay anything. And you are so happy. This is it. This is my dream accomplished. And in your dream you are driving dream Jaguar and showing off to other dream people. You can open head yes? You can open head and wearing dark glasses. Sometime they make a lot of noise yes? Try to pay attention to other people. Or maybe turn on the music very loud. But unfortunately you are too much show off and looking here and there and you didn’t look at your dream road, in front of dream road. And there is another dream big car, dream big truck coming because you are too much show off and turn on the music and you crash with the dream truck and totally smash your Jaguar, totally smashed. And you don’t have dream insurance. Because you don’t buy, just gave you. And at the same time you lost one of the dream leg. And you are so upset in your dream, you feel pain and very very upset. And then maybe you cry. When you wake up your pillar is wet, so much cry. Okay now I will ask you a question, that dream Jaguar is real car or not. No. Are you sure? Okay it is no real car but it is real in your dream. Isn’t it? It is true in your dream but actually it is no real car. Emptiness is like that.