Teaching with you all the time

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Unedited transcript

Milarepa’s best student was Gampopa. And after Gampopa and Milarepa had been together for three years, Milarepa sent Gampopa to his hometown, near his three years meditation place. And then Gampopa said to Milarepa: “Oh I don’t want to go because I have no teacher. I am alone.” And Milarepa said: “The first teacher is the physical teacher like me. And second teacher is the teaching of the teacher. You don’t have to be always around the teacher and receive teaching all the time. Most important is the teaching of the teacher–it becomes the teacher. And if you practice that, that is the best teacher. And even if you have doubt–sometimes you have doubt, and you want to have some answer and you don’t know the answer and you’re a little bit confused–but if you practice, then the question becomes bigger and bigger and one day you will get an answer. And that answer is never lost. But if you had one doubt and got the answer very easily, then after a few months the question and answer might both dissolve and disappear, easy to lose.”

In our lineage, one of the lineage holders is Drubtop Urgyenpa. Drubtop Urgyenpa was the main student of the second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi. And they met only four days in their entire lives, only four days. And Drubtop Urgyenpa received very important teaching from the second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi and kept it in his mind and practiced and realized the nature of mind. This is why Drubtop Urgyenpa became the main lineage holder for the second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi. So I think most important is the teaching. And the teaching is the teacher and the teaching is the path and the teaching will lead you to enlightenment. And the teaching is with you all the time.