to go on three year retreat spring 2011

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Watch this video on YouTube.

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Tashi Delek. I would like talk little bit about my own plan to do retreat for myself. This is kind of like my own wish. And this developed since I was young. As you know, in my book, I like to meditate in the caves and I want to do retreat when I was thirteen years old. This is why also I am lazy boy I don’t want to practice meditation too much when I was young, I love the idea of meditation. But nevertheless I want to practice more and more. And special after I transformed my panic as support for my meditation. Because I suffer by panic disorder, it developed with me seven, eight years old until thirteen years old. When I was in the three year retreat, the first year of my retreat, my panic became very strong. Then I really made effort to use my panic as object of meditation. And my panic, I consider now, my panic is one of my best friend and one of my best teacher because I learn a lot from my panic. I sat in my room for three days and really use panic as support for my meditation. Then my panic was totally gone. And then after that I very, I develop a lot of interest about to do more retreats. And almost by the end of my three year retreat I am thinking, after I finish my formal three year retreat, my first three year retreat, I want to do retreat seven more years. I want to practice retreat seven more years. Then, because by the end of my three years retreat, my teacher Saljey Rinpoche, which is wonderful teacher, almost half of his life spend in retreat, and he was wonderful. And he passed away. He gave us all the teachings, everything, instructions, all the meditation, he guide through out all three year retreat, almost the end he said I am going to Nepal. And he gave lot of advice for us. You guys doing very well and I am very happy about that and in the future keep all my instructions in your heart. Be well. Something like that. He says goodbye for us. Then we thought why, normally he never says those things. But he went to Nepal and he passed away.

Then after few month later we finished our three year retreat and we come out of retreat. Then the first day when we finished three year retreat, the first day they have big reception. Many people, monks, nuns, or some friends, they all come, line up outside of retreat, some they holding kata, many things. And they say ???, kind of like saying like hi. And about how is your meditation or how is your practice, something like ??? . How is develop your meditation, something like that, direct translation. And then we met His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche. His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche is one of the important teacher for me. I met four important teacher. The first my teacher is my father. My father and my teacher, both. And the second is Saljey Rinpoche. He is my three year retreat teacher, I received lot of lot of teaching from Saljey Rinpoche like mahamudra, six Naropa Yogas. And His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche also connected with Tergar, my monastery in Tibet, is a branch of his monastery what we call Palpung Monastery, and we have kind of a lineage, strong lineage connection. And Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche, he is my main dzogchen teacher. Main four teachers. And when I finsished my, day one i finished my retreat, and we have some tea party together. Drinking tea, all the retreatants, and His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche also there. And His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche okay now, congratulation for all of you. And point to me: You have to be next retreat master. And I was little bit surprised because I was very young. Then I asked him, I don’t know because I am too young. Can I lead next three year retreat or not. AndHis Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche said, oh no problem I know about you, I think you can do it. Then I accept. And actually that was wonderful experience for me because I finished three year retreat, and next I also join three year retreat. Not formal three year retreat, I was in retreat for one year, and I go out some other place a few month, something like that. But all my students are above 25 years old. Some of them sixty. Sixty, seventy. It is almost like I am like baby and giving teaching to the parents. But that was wonderful, good for my practice. And also I am still retreat master until now, for three year retreat teacher, for monks, for nuns, we have both three year retreat place. And the practice both is same, mahamudra, Six Naropas Yoga, I have to go here and there. Is not too far. And then also meanwhile I receive teachings continually after I finish my three year retreat I receive teachings from my father, Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche, and His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche. And all the teachers also giving advice to me to do retreat. And the retreat is very important, like my father, Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche, Saljey Rinpoche, they recommend to do retreat. And His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche too.

And because in Tibetan Buddhism is very very important. First you practice, then you can help others.
For example in the university or the school, first the teacher has to learn very well and teacher needs very deep knowledge and deep wisdom about what they are going to teach. And how to teach. Then if you teach to student lot of benefit. Otherwise even teacher doesn’t know much, even teacher tries to teach it is just wasting time, not much benefit. It is like that. Then in year 2000 I join also Buddhist college. After that total nine years and I do sometime retreat. And year 2001, I made some kind of vow for myself. After nine or ten years later I want to do three year retreat again. Because I want to do three year retreat since childhood and my teachers advice me to do retreat and also doing retreat is very important very benefit for future student also. It is not like that: Oh I am bored, I feel very boring to teach and teachings and students, not like that. But I want to help more to the students in the future. And this is why when I do retreat it’s very good. And also all my teachers ask to do retreat. Why? Because in Tibet we have very strong lineage about retreat. Living lineage to do retreat. And this is why nowadays this lineage is kind of like water down, meaning it is almost like, the lineage is little bit small, less. This is why I want to retreat again, and maybe help to preserve also the lineage. And this is why I want to do retreat in – right now I am giving, when I give this speech right now is 2010. This is why next year, 2011, that is the ten years. So first my vow, after nine or ten years later I want to do retreat. So next year finish ten years, this is why – my plan is in ten years, nine or ten years, because His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche asked me to teach Dharma to the different places in the world. So I say yes. After I finish my buddhist study in the buddhist college, I studied for nine years as I told you, after finish that in year 2001 His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche ask me to teach Dharma around the world. And I am very happy to accept that. And my plan is to teach Dharma around the world for nine or ten years, to help many people as possible, that is why my schedule very packed. When you look at my schedule, one after this, one after this, it is almost like I am on tour for nine month, ten month, non stop. I am very happy, it is not like I am feeling bored. I am happy to travel and I am happy to give teaching. And I don’t tire much also. This is why I am very happy what I have done and also I am very, I want to help more to the students, to the authentic Tibetan Buddhism, to spread out. And also I want to help to common people, Buddhist, non Buddhist, or religious, non religious, doesn’t matter. Just everyone to share my own experience about how I overcome my panic disorder, my own experience about meditation. Something like that. This is why now next year around May, next year means 2011 around May, I am going to start three year retreat again. And those student, those who are my student, who already received lot of teachings, you have plenty instructions to practice for three years. I made some kind of guideline, you can do some little little retreat how to practice for three years. And those who haven’t receive much teaching from me or new, you want to interest to learn my style, because you read my book, those things, I have some kind of like plan for you also. There is Joy of Living level one, two three. It is based on my book, Joy of Living. And you can practice really good foundational practice. Like this is the meditation. Anyone can practice, Buddhist, non-Buddhist, and other religion also. And for Buddhist, this becomes very good foundational practice for the Buddhist practice also. And also there is Path of Liberation, level four, those who finished homework, of the Path of Liberation level one, you want to follow up, you can do that. And also I have nice Khenpos, Lamas, and good facilitators, they can follow up your practice. And I create a lot of nice DVDs, who teach you, all of you. This is why it is not like abandoning you. You are all my students and you are like my son and daughters. But some son and daughters older than me. That is okay, no problem. So this is why while I am doing three year retreat I will keep all of you in my mind, under my pray, to develop your wisdom, compassion practice, meditation and also no obstacles. And to success your inner well being and outer well being. This is why my pray and my blessing with you all the time. Thank you.