too wild to sit still

Unedited transcript

Question: Okay I have a question. Sometimes my mind is so speedy and wild that I just can’t sit down on my cushion to practice. In such situation, what can I do to become sane again, become normal again.

The best is practice gamble meditation. No. Game meditation. No joking.

That is what causes it.

You can do, I think those things, I think your mind very active. Do some physical exercise. And meditate while you exercise. Or you can do many different things, like walking meditation. While you jog you can meditate. Go to the gym. You can meditate. And swimming. And different things. Because sometimes for young age, what we call prana, bindu, nadi, the channels in your body is very very active and you become very energetic. And almost you cannot sit down. When you sit down you want to get up. When you get up sometimes you wan to sit down. It is really like flag in the wind. And for that you can use meditation also together with active action.