transforming anger into loving kindness

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Unedited transcript

Right now you are looking this television. Why? For happiness. And you are come here to practice mediation. Why? To have happiness and be free from suffering. And why you are sitting here – I will tell you more about this later – every movement, every eyes blink is looking for happiness. All the parts of the body. And this is very important aspect to realize this. And not only your movement, your breath, you eyes blink, every thought, every emotion is manifestation of love and compassion. For example, even you have hatred, sounds like hatred is no good. I don’t like being hate. But actually, the bottom line of this hatred is also loving kindness. Why? Because you hate to someone, or you hate yourself, is because you want to better. You hate yourself, because you think I am not enough. I am not good enough. Or I am useless, whatever. So you want to be nice and better. Why? This is manifestation of loving kindness. So normally we don’t see the essence of hatred as loving kindness. We only the surface level. The surface level is hatred. But if you go deep into the hatred, it is loving kindness. So once you see this, if you make connection with your own love and compassion, then even hatred automatically transform into love and compassion. When you practice this again and again, you see everything is love and compassion. So you can find love and compassion everywhere, anytime under any circumstances. And this what we call self-liberation. Self-liberation. You don’t have to look love and compassion somewhere else. Normally what we think, love and compassion is here. And anger, the hatred is here. So i am going to use love and compassion to defeat hatred. It is like antidote to get rid of something. So if you do that, it is okay, nothing wrong to do that, but still we have to fight, challenge. Hatred here, compassion here. I cannot develop compassion, I don’t have love. But if you see love within the hatred, then the hatred automatically transform into love. How nice.