we are always looking for happiness

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Unedited transcript

For the compassion, first you try to recognize your own basic feeling which is wish to be happy and doesn’t want to be suffer. So everybody has this feeling. So you try to connect with your own feeling first. You come here also looking for happiness. For far, from different places, you come here. And while you are here you are also looking for happiness. I see this you know. If you sit this too long become cause of suffering. I see little bit of happiness but then it is too long. And this too long.
That is why, each movement, each movement is looking for happiness, to avoid problem, suffering. Each eyes blink also looking for happiness. If you do like this, if you don’t move your eyes for few seconds then begin to develop suffering. And even with the breath. So first you try to understand and try to connect with your basic feeling which we call wish to be happy is loving kindness. And doesn’t want to be suffer is compassion. So everybody has loving kindness compassion for that sense. Once you understand, once you have connection with yourself then you try to understand this within others. So everybody has same basic feeling which is to be happy, doesn’t want to be suffer. So slowly slowly you can connect with other people. We all have different outer look, skin different, color different, some taller, shorter. But basic feeling we all have same feeling. It is like we are all like one part of big family. But normally you don’t see this, you don’t recognize this. Then you just think oh that person I don’t like that person because that person doesn’t like to eat chili and I like to eat chili. I don’t like that person because that person doesn’t like it. Or I don’t like that person because that person talk more than me. I don’t like that person, that person is fatter than me or skinner than me, taller than me. This thinking which is not really, you cannot find common ground, you cannot find connection is because you don’t really understand the basic feeling which is we all have sense of loving kindness and compassion.