what meditation really is

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Unedited transcript

The meaning of meditation in Tibetan what we call gom. Gom means getting familiar with. So you try to get familiar with your mind and guide your mind, train your mind. Why you have to guide and train your mind? Because what we call your mind is like monkey. Bala bala bala. Monkey mind. Sometimes what I call crazy monkey mind. And normally this monkey mind is boss in our life. Anything what you do, what you do, what you act, what you learn, is beginning with the mind. Mind is leading everything. And in our life we know how to guide things, how to manage things, how to train things. How to, it doesn’t work, try to work. But don’t know how to guide our mind. How to train our mind. How to learn our mind. So we don’t know how to get familiar with our mind. So meditation is to learn your mind, nature of your mind, function of your mind. And also guide your mind, train your mind. And sometimes I give example. Monkey mind, bala bala bala yare yare. I don’t like this. Normally what you do, two things. Yes Sir. When the monkey mind says bala bala you say yes sir. And this monkey mind drives you crazy, twenty four hours. And the second one, what you do. You hate. And the monkey mind says bala bala. Hey shout up. If you fight with the monkey mind, monkey mind becomes louder, stronger. Bala bala, pssst, get out, keep quite. Some people think meditation is sit there think of nothing and blocking thought and emotions. Meditate. Keep quite. No thought. No emotion. Concentration. No no. Or some people they think, meditation is blissing out. Peace. Openness. No, it is not like that. That is why, what is meditation? Don’t say: Hey get out to your mind. Don’t fight, but don’t say yes sir. Make friends. How to make friends now? In order to make friends you need common grounds. Common ground, you know. You like, your friend like, both have some connection. So now, the monkey mind, what monkey mind loves: Job. Creating problem all the time. Very active. Without job monkey mind thinks I am becoming jobless and soon I am becoming homeless. So I should make something now. So always active. Now what you should do, give job to monkey mind. And that is meditation. You are guiding your mind, you are training your mind, that is why your mind becomes calm, peaceful, pliable, workable. If you give job to monkey mind, then win win situation. What I call win win situation. Monkey mind happy because the monkey mind got job, and you are happy because you become boss. And monkey mind is you employee, you are employer. And this way you are free, you are liberated from the monkey mind. And you free yourself. But don’t give full time job to monkey mind. You should give part time job first. Hello monkey mind, let’s watch the breath. And monkey mind says: Yes good idea. Pizza – gone. Don’t give punishment. Okay you can come back again. That’s why slowly slowly you get familiar with your mind and your mind becomes more pliable, workable and you will free from negative emotion, negative thought, develop clarity, love, compassion. Your mind becomes more peaceful, pliable.