Why I wrote The Joy of Living

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Unedited transcript

Tonight I will like to talk a little bit about my book and what is inside the book. The name of my book called Joy of Living. And many people ask me, what is meaning of Joy of Living because there are problems of course. Problems inside with the mind, what I call monkey mind, crazy monkey mind, always talking. There is a little voice within us. And that crazy monkey mind connected with the distractive emotions and thoughts. And based on crazy monkey mind there is crazy monkey action. And that makes a lot of problems with your life and relationship with others. And also physical body. And my answer is: The main message of the Joy of Living is kind of like using problem and the monkey and object of monkey mind you know as support for meditation, support for your inner wealth. And then the monkey become an objective observation of mind, or an objective observation of the awareness. Okay.